The Founders

Najib and Nazrin are two friends who have always been driven by a desire to create something meaningful and make a difference in the world. Bonded by their shared love of football and a dream to start their own business together, they knew they had the passion and determination to turn their vision into a reality. But they also knew that the journey to success wouldn't always be easy.

As they entered the professional world, they found themselves facing a common problem: it was difficult to find the perfect outfit for casual events and comfortable, yet professional attire for the work week. They noticed that their wardrobes were filled with clothes that were either too formal or too casual, making it tiring to choose the right outfit every time they went out.

But they didn't let this challenge get them down. Instead, they saw it as an opportunity to create something new and innovative. One day, as they were discussing this issue over a game of football, they had a breakthrough. They realized that as the world progressed, professionals like themselves needed comfortable, all-around outfits that could maintain a professional look throughout the week and weekend. They saw an opportunity to create a brand that would offer a range of stylish, comfortable, and professional outfits that would give professionals one less thing to worry about, so they can focus on what they do best.

For those who rise after the fall

As a result, the creation of BRADO was brought to fruition. Najib and Nazrin poured their passion and creativity into creating a line of clothing that would be the perfect solution for professionals seeking peace of mind when it comes to choosing their attire. They knew that there would be scars and tears along the way, and that there are no shortcuts to success – only hard work and determination. But they also knew that for those who rise after the fall, the rewards are worth it. They wanted BRADO to be more than just a clothing brand – they wanted it to be a tribute to the idea that professionals can be who they want to be, and that they have the power to tell the world their own story.

Today, BRADO is a business that continues to inspire professionals around the globe to chase their dreams and be the best they can be. Whether you're hitting the office or hitting the town, BRADO has the perfect outfit for you. So go ahead, put on your BRADO clothes and get ready to tackle the day – or night – with style, comfort, and a sense of purpose. Made for the modern man, by two men who know what it takes to succeed in today's world.