The Founders

BRADO was founded by two childhood friends, Najib and Nazrin in 2019 and was created out of passion they have in doing business together. Having the same interest since they were young, which is football, both of them had the same question of “why three-quarter pants are only made for sports?” And most of it are brand-less and definitely not to be wear to other occasions besides sports.

As the famous saying “It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the Navy” by Steve Jobs, they spot on the opportunity to build their own new fashion line in modest wear highlighting the three-quarter pants and holding tight to their concept of ‘Comfortable. Minimal. Professional’ to disrupt the stereotype of ‘the informal three-quarter pants’ and make it better.

They vision BRADO to be the brand that uplift the minimalist look in professional men and be comfortable and confident in what they wear. Being known from ‘sweaty sports pants’ to ‘the comfortable and minimal pants to be wear by the professionals, everyday and everywhere’.